installation ceremony
  • Venue :Atithi Sadan
  • Date : 17th july 2019
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    • 15th installation ceremony of club was held on 17thjuly 2019 in the presence of chief guest DG Rtn. Kiran lal shrestha, guests of honour PDG, ARRFC and incoming RRFC Rtn. Basudev golyan and DGN Rtn. Santosh rijal.
      President Rtn. Archana Taparia, Secretary Soni Nevatia and the board for the year 2019-20 were installed in the presence of 300 guests.
      President Taparia has announced that under six focus areas of Rotary she will mainly focus on health, education and women empowerment.
      Five new members were inducted in the club.
      Rotary Arogya Mission a free OPD health care for underprivileged people will be started soon throughout the year.

    vocational training
    • Venue :ABC Nepal Office
    • Date : 9th july 2019

    • First batch of 50 girls for three months basic beautician course has been started on 9th July, 2019 with the Association of ABC Nepal Morang at the premises of ABC Nepal office Biratnagar.
      Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown will bare all the expenses of the training program.
      President Taparia has announced that under six focus areas of Rotary she will mainly focus on health, education and women empowerment.
      Aim is to make underprivileged girls self-independent.

    • Venue :Hotel Namaskar
    • Date : 18th july 2019

    • Club officers Training seminar was organized on 18th June 2019 at Hotel Namaskar.
      Our club jointly organized this program along with other clubs of Zone 24.
      The chief guest was DGND Rtn. Santosh Rijal. Special guests were AG Rtn. Bhairab Rijal and AG Nabinita Rijal.
      Resource person for the seminar were Rtn. Sunita Agrawal and Rtn. Biju Thapalia.
      More than 20 members participated from our club.
      Training was very informative and beneficial for the members.

    Our office
    • Venue :Rotary Bhawan
    • Date : 29th December 2017
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    On 29th December, 2017 Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown hosted " Inter City Meeting "on " Menstrual Hygiene & Women's Health " in collaboration with Rotary Club of Biratnagar Central & Rotary Club of Biratnagar Fusion. We were honored by the presence of guest speakers Dr. Arunna Pokhrel from Noble Hospital & Mrs. Bishnu Pant Sharma from ABC Nepal. ICM Chair Rtn. Prakash Chandra Pradhan, Member Rtn. Rachna Rathi, Regional coordinator committee chair Rtn. Nabanita Rijal, PDG & ARRFC Rtn. Basu Dev Golyan were present. Regional coordinator committee Advisor Rtn. Benigopal Mundra was invited as our chief guest. Approximately 50 students from different schools & colleges participated in the program. 30 RCC members were also present. We were also joined by fellow Rotarians, Interactors, friends and family. Total gathering was above 100. The program was very interactive & participatory.


    Our office
    • Venue :Rotary Bhawan
    • Date : 19th December 2017
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    Rotary club of Biratnagar hosted the Zonal Rota Quiz of Zone - 24 on 19th Dec 2017 at Rotary Bhawan. 3 Rotary clubs of zone-24, Rotary Club of Biratnagar, Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown & Rotary Club of Biratnagar Midtown participated in the Rota quiz. PDG, ARRFC Rtn. Basu Dev Golyan, District Rota quiz Sub - Committee Member Rtn. Sanchita Jain were present. Presidents, Secretaries & Rotarians from other Rotary clubs were also present. Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown won the Zonal Rota Quiz.


    Our office
    • Date : 17th December 2017

    On 17th Dec our club Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown introduced a car sticker of a Rotary Wheel to promote Rotary's image.

    Awareness Programme in Organic Farming

    Our office
    • Awareness Programme in Organic Farming
    • Date : 2nd November 2017

    Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown organized an awareness programme on Organic Farming at Ramgunj, Belgachhia on 2nd of November 2017. Dr. Rajandra Upreti, Senior Agriculture Extension Officer, Regional Agriculture Directorate was the resource person. Local farmers and villages attended the programme. Dr. Upreti gave many important information about organic farming like (New techniques, grow crops without pesticide, preparation of Natural Manure from waste food material, seeds and soon) to the farmers. Farmers enjoyed the programme very much because first time they had an opportunity to meet such a knowledgeable person in this field. Farmers were very happy to interact with Dr. Upreti ji. And after the programme they also requested us for further training. Rotarians, Farmers, RCC members and villagers were present there. 100 people were benefited.

    Awareness Rally in World Polio Day

    Our office
    • World Polio Day
    • Date : 6th October 2017

    To mark World Polio Day, Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown organized an awareness rally to "End Polio Now : Make History Today" on 24th October 2017. Around 250 people took part in the rally including Rotarians, Rotaractars, RCC members and students from different colleges Principal and teachers of Adarsh Vidyalaya also participated in the rally. NNPPC member and Charter President of our club Rtn. Dr. Mamta Varma told the gathering about present polio status of the world and Rtn. Beni Gopal Mundra told about polio disease and RI efforts to eradicate it. The rally went round the city and retuned to Rotary Bhawan where the participants enjoyed a sumptios breakfast. People where reminded to continue the take of Polio drop to keep Nepal free. T-shirts, Caps, and Pamphlets where distributed in assistance with Nepal National Polio Plus Community. The awareness rally where broadcasted in Makalu Television and was published in Newspaper.

    Advance Sewing Course

    Our office
    • Advance Sewing Course
    • Date : 6th October 2017

    Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown organized a programme which is an "Advance Sewing course" on 6th of October 2017, for 25 less educated and needy girls who have already completed their basic course provided by our club last year. 25 girls were benefited. Project cost Rs. 50,000.


    Our office
    • Venue :Adharbhut Vidyalaya, Kanchanwari
    • Date : 13th September,2017

    Flood in Biratnagar & neighbouring villages ruined lives of many including school going children. They were forced to stay at home because they lost their bags, books and study materials in flood. Rotary club of Biratnagar Downtown undertook a project to send flood affected students back to school, wherein they distributed school bags, books and study materials to 75 students of Adharbhut Vidyalaya, Kanchanwari, Biratnagar on 13th September,2017.


    Our office
    • Venue :Nisahaya Balbalika Sewa Ashram
    • Date : 24th September,2017

    To bring smiles on the faces & happiness in the lives of orphans, Rotary club of Biratnagar Downtown distributed new clothes to 17 orphans of Nisahaya Balbalika Sewa Ashram, Duhabi, on 24th September 2017, on the festive occasion of Dusherra. Snacks &, juices were served to all the orphans, staffs, manager, & teachers of the orphanage. Besides this, fruits, wai wai, biscuits, kurkure & chocolates were also given to the orphans.


    Our office
    • Venue : Adarsh Uchha Madhyamik Vidyalaya
    • Date : 19th September,2017

    Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown organized a "PLANTATION PROGRAMME" at Adarsh Uchha Madhyamik Vidyalaya on 19th September,2017 jointly with Rotaract Club Of Biratnagar Downtown. Rotarians, School Principal, teachers, staffs & Rotaractors participated in the program. District officers Rtn. Nabinita Rijal, Rtn. Kiran Karna, Rtn. Sunita Agrawal & Rtn. Sanchita Jain were also present. More than 20 saplings were planted in the school premises.


    Our office
    • Date : 14th to 26th August 2017

    Biratnagar and nearby villages had been badly effected due to 3 days continuous rain. Our RCC members informed us about the acute need of food materials in Bakri village. On 14th of August, we went to Bakri village to distribute flood relief food among the needy, homeless, flood victims. We distributed 200 packets of waiwai, biscuits, chocolates, 60 kg chiwra and old clothes among the 200 villagers.

    On 15th of August, we went to Dadarberia, another place which was very badly affected by the flood, and we arranged hot food for 500 people.

    On 15th of August, our Charter President Rtn. Dr. Mamta Verma Verma and Dr. Narayan Verma and their medical team went to the Ikrahi village and handed over relief material to the village head. An awareness program regarding rainy season disease was also held in Ikrahi under their her supervision.

    On 19th August 2017, RC Biratnagar Downtown jointly organised a " Flood relief material distribution programme " along with 4 other Rotary clubs of zone-24. The program was held at Ginahat, ward no 19, Biratnagar a severely affected area by the flood. We distributed 500 kits which consisted of Tirpal, Mosquito net, Sanitary pads, Bathing soap, Laundry soap and Phenyl, to the victims.

    Rotary club of Biratnagar Downtown distributed flood relief kits on 26th August, 2017 at Budha Nagar, Morang an another severely affected area by the flood. To provide the victims immediate and practical help we distributed 100 kg rice & 65 kits which consisted of Tirpal, Mosquito net, Sanitary pads, Bathing soap, Laundry soap and Phenyl.


    Our office
    • Venue : Atithi Sadan
    • Date : 21st & 22nd July, 2017
    • Attendance : 2500 people

    Rotary club of downtown organized a mega event – SHRAWAN MELA, a 2 days Trade Fair 21st and 22nd July, 2017, at Atithi Sadan, Biratnagar to promote women Entrepreneurship. 35 stalls which exhibit cloth jewellery, bed cover, rakhis, footwear, handicrafts, game, food, etc. attracted more than 2500 people from all communities. More than 100 women entrepreneur who need a platform to promote the cottage business were benefited. Honourable Mrs. Indrira Karki, Vice Mayor of Biratnagar graced the occasion as Chief Guest and our Esteem Assistant Governor Rtn. Sushil Rijal also graced the occasion as Guest of honour.

    Rotary club of Biratnagar Downtown provided the platform for women with their kids by organising a programme “Mom & Kid” show on 21st August 2017, at Atithi Sadan, to enhance their quality and to boost their confidence. 8 pairs of mom and kid were participated in the programme. One of our new member Rtn. Santosh Rathi was also participated. Ladies and kids enjoyed a lot. Kids were very happy because first time they had an opportunity to perform with their mom. Family members of participant, as well as the gathering of 1500 enjoyed the programme.

    Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown organized a play “PRAYAS” for C.P. children on 22nd July, 2017 at Atithi Sadan. C.P. care centre is our signature project which is run by our club at Adarsh Madhyamic Vidyalaya, Biratnagar, for the time being. It is our dream to construct a full-fledged C.P. building for which land has been donated to us. There are 15 children who are given Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Transportation facility and Mid-day meals. The main aim of this play was to make people aware of this disease and to encourage them to help us by providing fund for the construction of building.Club members participated in this play in front of a gathering of 1500 guest.


    Our office
    • 13th Installation Ceremony
    • Venue : Hotel Harrison Palace
    • Date : 15th July, 2017
    • Attendance : 200 People

    Joint Installation Ceremony of Rotary Club of Biratnagar Downtown & Rotary Club of Biratnagar Fusion was held on 15th July, 2017, at Hotel Harrison Palace, Biratnagar, in the presence of a huge gathering of about 200 people. Honourable Ms. Sapana Pradhan Malla, Justice Supreme Court of Nepal graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Guest of Honour PDG, ARRFC Rtn. Basu Dev Golyan and our Assistant Governor Rtn. Shushil Rijal was also present. Rtn. Archana Sharma became our 13th President of our club. 3 new members Rtn. Mukta Todi, Rtn. Soni Nevatia & Rtn. Santosh Rathi were inducted. PP Rtn. Kiran Karna & PP Rtn. Madhu Kabra were recognized for being the Major Donor in the Rotary year 2016-17, IPP Rtn. Sunita Agrawal was recognized for being the MPHF, 4 members from PP Rtn. Madhu Kabra’s Family – Rtn. Sharad Kabra, Rtn. Shreeja Kabra, Ritu Kabra & Little Grandson Aavyaan were recognized as PHF.

    Pins and Certificates were presented by PDG, ARRFC Rtn. Basu Dev Golyan. Under Scholarship award 2 needy and meritorious students Priya Dutta and Pushpa Kumari Kurmi were awarded Rs. 11000/- each by PP Rtn. Kiran Karna in the memory of her Late Mother Mrs. Geeta Das under Geeta Das Smriti Chatravriti and another 2 scholar students Saraswati Rajbansi & Ganga Maya Rai were also awarded Rs. 5100/- each by Family of our Late member Sabita Agrawal. Bhisnu Pant Sharma Acharya was given Rotary Vocation Excellence Award for her service in the field of social work in Anti Human Trafficking & Women & Child Welfare.

    We recognized our media partner “New Shristi Dainik” for excellent coverage of our club activities done throughout the year.